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Suite of security audit WIFI of OWN network.

The Suite consists of three main options:

* Generator passwords for WEP and WPA, its recommend using WPA protection for added security.

* [ROOT] Password Rescue, you will get in a few seconds saved passwords on your mobile, ideal in case if you forget the password. Root permission is required to obtain the passwords.

* Scanner wifi networks:
The wifi network scanner generates the default password of the following networks:

- WLAN_XX (DLink-Wireless Only)
- MegaredXXXX.
- IntercableXXXX.
- IntercableXXXXXX.
- ptvxxxxxx.
- ptv-xxxxxxx.

The purpose of this application is to audit the security of wireless networks of us or recover lost key of own wifi network.

In no case should be used to crack the password of a wireless network that is not us owned or without the consent of the owner.

The use of the application for this and other purposes for which it wasnt designed, will be under the responsibility of the user.

Recent changes:
** Version 1.4.1:
- Fixed error getting wifi passwords stored in some devices.
- Added Router MAXCOMXXXX.
- Added Router PTV-XXXXXX.
- Added Router ptvxxxxxx.
- Added Router ptv-xxxxxxx.

** Version 1.4.0:
- Added option to recover previously saved passwords. ( Only for root user )
- Enhanced visuals.
- Small errors repaired.
- Added Router IntercableXXXXXX.
- Ready for Android 4.1.2

** Version 1.3.3:
- Added option to copy to clipboard.
- Compiled with the new version of the API 16 Rev.2

Content rating: Low Maturity

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