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What is gpg.exe Error?

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Technical information

gpg.exe is a exe file made by N/A for their N/A. The most recent version we have details of is: N/A, size: 387KB, Path: C:\Windows\system32\

随着网络与计算机技术的发展,数据存储与数据交换的安全性已经变得越来越重要,加密技术已经很早就用于数据存储和数据交换。为了确保网络数据交换时的双方 身份的正确性,签证体系也已经成熟。GPG就是用来加密数据与制作证书的一套工具,其作用与PGP类似。但是PGP使用了许多专利算法。GPG是GPL软 件,并且没有使用任何专利加密算法,所以使用起来有着更多的自由。
具体的说,GPG是实现安全通讯和数据存储的一系列工具集,可以做加密数据和做数字签名之用。在功能上,它和PGP是一样的。由于PGP使用了IDEA专 利算法,所以使用PGP会有许可证的麻烦。但是GPG并没有使用这个算法,所以对用户来说使用GPG没有任何限制。GPG使用非对称加密算法,安全程度比 较高。所谓非对称加密算法,就是每一个用户都拥有一对密钥: 公钥和私钥。其中,密钥由用户保存,公钥则由用户尽可能地散发给其他人,以便其他人与您通讯。1   2   3   4

If you’ve had any errors associated with gpg.exe, or any N/A related error at all, you should download the DLLEscort repair patch from this site.


gpg.exe error messages

Once launched, the gpg.exe performs the following actions:

  • "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: Windows\system32\gpg.exe. Please re-install a copy of the above file."
  • "Windows\System32\gpg.exe missing or corrupt: Please re-install a copy of the above file."
  • "Cannot find Windows\System32\gpg.exe"
  • "Cannot find gpg.exe"
  • gpg.exe is missing
  • Unable to find gpg.exe
  • Damaged gpg.exe
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    How to Fix gpg.exe Not Found or Missing Errors

    Getting missing .dll error indicates that the file is removed or deleted from your computer. If .dll missing error is not fixed immediately, your computer would no longer work correctly.

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    How To Fix gpg.exe errors?

  • Step1: Download DLL Escort, install and run
  • Step2: Click "Save File" and follow the on-screen instructions to install the program.
  • Step3: Click "Click to Start Scan" to scan over your computer.
  • Step4: Click the "Fix DLL Errors" button to fix file error and speed up computer.
  • Step5: Click "File Repair" button,enter the "File name" in the text box.then click the "download" button to copy the downloaded file to the program directory or system directory.
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