Adobe Premiere Pro CC Crashes on startup after upgrading to new computer monitors

Hey everybody, I am tech-savvy so go ahead and throw detailed answers at me. I recently updated to Windows 8.1 because Premiere Pro CC (version 7.2.1) crashed on startup in Windows 8. After the update to Win8.1, it worked fine with my old 19in. VGA full-screen monitors. However, after I installed new HD wide-screen monitors yesterday, I opened Premiere Pro and it started up just fine and is stable until it processes a video file. If I'm fast enough, it will successfully import a file from the media browser, but as soon as it "processes" the video in the media browser or the video in the timeline, Windows gives me the error "Adobe Premiere Pro CC has encountered an error and must be shut down". I tried every trick in the book- including changing the monitor refresh rate down from 144Hz to 60Hz, tried using an HDMI cable instead of DVI-D, and tried reinstalling Premiere Pro (restarting the computer at the proper points in the process), and tried setting it to render using no GPU acceleration (Mercury software only). Nothing seems to work. Below are the specs on my computer:
CPU: AMD FX-8120, GPU: Dual AMD HD Radeon 6670's 1GB GDDR3 each outputting to its own monitor via DVI-D Dual Link, Monitors are ASUS VG248QE 24" running 1920x1080p resolution @ 144Hz, 7200RPM Western Digital HDD.

I had this same problem on my HP laptop that has two video cards. I had to dissable the Intel 4000 in order to get Premiere CC to function. However, once this one done, it was no longer possible to use the external monitor (even when I closed the lid, it simply would not recognize the external monitor). Thus, each time I'm using Premiere CC then I have to disconnect the monitor and use device managre in Win8.1 to dissable Intel. It's really a huge pain in the arse. Also, I do not have an option to choose to choose a second monitor in Win8 once the Intel is dissabled. I've updated both drivers - so, I guess that's the only solution there is for my laptop. I'd suggest not using this software with a HP laptop that has two graphics cards.