Batch Management-Identified Stock

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Process Over View Batch Management: I have given Purchase order for 100 ton Steel Coil for Single Grade NV23S-100L ,Purchase order release with single line item NV23S-100L quantity 100 Ton, once I received the material I  am receiving 10 Coils with same grade but each and every coil have 25-30 Specific Attributes, Like Weight , Heat No, Lot No, Coil Width ,AS,AG etc , which I am sharing with my customer in India when I am selling my Steel Coils and made product , which I want to manage in ByDesign System. I want to manage my inventory behalf of my Coil Grade Specification.
in SAP By Design, we have  identified stock, I am looking for an option to add 28-30 more fields in Identified Stock Screen , which will reflect into my Inbound Delivery and Goods Receipt and Production, because as per my client requirement I want these more fields on the entry screen ,in this I also want an option of printing so that I can take a preview of it.
I am working to solve this issue  with SDK ,We have created one business Object MTC  where one complete line item denote with 28-30 fields and the business object instance is Identified Stock ID, I want this Identified Stock Id behave as SAP ByDesign System Identified Stock ID,
we have identified Stock ID in Inbound, Outbound and Production but there we have one pop with 2-3 fields only I tried to Map my Business Object Instance ID which is Identified Stock ID. The Purpose here for this , Barcode will work in ByDesign System Identified Stock and Product ID basis IN-OUT.  When I am receiving goods my client want to use Barcode Machine and the same for Outbound Delivery and he want to manage this process through Bar Code because of his Product Grade is same but same each product have different 25-30 specification which can be done through Identified Stock ID.
In ByDesign system we have only Pop Up with 3-4 fields for your reference I am attaching screen shot here as per the Customized solution possible which I am working its not allowing me map my  Business Object Instance ID to System Identified Stock ID because of PSM Issue.
Kindly please help me if anyone face this issue earlier, or he have some workaround, Please let me know.

SAP provided two reports which can update or remove BATCH MANAGEMENT INDICATOR and BATCHES without removing the material stocks and documents. We need to close only open physical inventory documents.
The below reports update, all relevant documents based on batch activation/de-activation:
u2022 RVBCONVMAT2BM - Sets the batch management requirement indicator.
u2022 RVBREVMATBM - Removes the batch management requirement indicator
But,these programns will not be available in standard SAP,they has to procured form SAP.
more info here:
Re: Easy or flexible ways to deactivate the batch management!