Bizarre CSS error in Safari 5.0.3 & 5.0.4 only on 10.5.8...

Using Safari 5.0.3/4 on Mac OS 10.5.8 (does not happen with 5.0.3 on 10.6 or 4.1.8 on 10.4.11)
1) visit this link: on=&name=&startDate=06%2F20%2F2011&startTime=15%3A30&duration=1&flexible=true
2) wait for the search results to load.
3) in the Pod/Location input field, click on the re-fresh icon.
4) notice how the page layout gets seriously tweeked.
Granted there is a lot of css and js that is building the accordion on the page using jQuery. The result looks fine in the other versions of Safari noted along with all versions of FF, IE7/8.
I've done a fair bit of research and attempted to modify the css and js but with no luck.
Any help or hints would be great. Thanks in advance.

Wow... i did not even see data in the main window upon load..
no idea why it works in one version but not the other, but the page doesn't even come close to validating: servations%2Fpages%2Fsearch_results.vms%3Flocation%3D%26name%3D%26startDate%3D06 %252F20%252F2011%26startTime%3D15%253A30%26duration%3D1%26flexible%3Dtrue%23&cha rset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=0