Can I Open Indesign File In CorelDraw Without Losing The Applied Effects?

i have been using Indesign for quite some time now and i have considerable experience in Corel too. My problem is that if i export an indesign file as PDF and then open it in CorelDraw, the file loses the effects i applied.
For example i apply blur effect on a picture in Indesign and after exporting it as a PDF, i open it in CorelDraw, the file would lose the Blur effect i applied.
I am confused how to retain the effects i applied in Indesign so that it shows up in Corel as well.I DO NOT wish to edit the file in Corel because the file would be transferred for printing purpose only.
Thanks in advance

Adobe and Corel products handle effects (like blur, or dropshadow, or even gradients) completely differently from each other. The only chance of having them move from one to the other is to rasterize any such effects before making the PDF (DO NOT save this over your original file!).
Note that I said it's a chance. Even these will be mishandled from time to time.
Good luck.