Cannot sync calendars and contacts

my friend just got a new iPod with video, and as I was helping him set it all up (he's not very technical), I realized that it won't let me sync contacts and calendars.
When you go to iTunes-preferences-iPod, there's no button option for 'contact' or 'calendars', they have been replaced by a 'video' button.
He has an iBook G3, running Panther.
Any ideas?

Ok a solution of sorts is to create a folders on your ipod (if they don't already exist), called Calendars and one called Contacts.
Open contacts (the application) on your mac, select all your contacts and choose export vCard. Save this as iSync.vcf to the folder contacts on your ipod.
Likewise open iCal and export as a calendar archive named iSync to the Calendars folder on the ipod.
if you already have these files in the folder you will get the message' “iSync.vcf” already exists. Do you want to replace it?'
choose 'Replace'.