E70 Memory Full

I'm getting a memory full message on my E70 phone, but when I look at the memory (C directories. I have no files. When this happened in the past I reloaded the software, which corrected the problem. There must be a better way? Currently my phone memory has 55.81M used. Can someone help?

My experience is that E70 needs a lot of space for graphics, with the notable exception of Nokia Maps. I frequently get "memory full" using my Opera 8.6x browser when I have 40 MB of memory free (not used), especially if I am viewing a largish image. Sometimes I can carry on, at others I have to exit and try again.
Mine is being repaired right now and I have bought an E61i as "backup" - it takes a lot to get the E61i to produce the "memory full" msg. - a few applications in memory, even not being used, helps provike the message.
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