FaceTime not working properly

I just recently upgraded to 13" i5 MBP with Lion OS. I noticed that my FaceTime is not working properly. I have an iPad 2 also and I used it most of the time for my FaceTime which is why I didn't notice that the FaceTime of my new MBP is not working properly. I was able to sign in and I tried calling my contacts with FaceTime. On my end it's ringing but on their side it's not. I asked them to call me and it would go to my iPad 2 only. With my old MBP (2009 model), whenever i get a FaceTime call, both my MBP and iPad 2 would starting ringing but with this new MBP, it's not. I can't even connect with anyone. I tried deleting the app and installing it with the lower version but i think the lower version won't work with Lion (there was a camera error). Good thing I was still able to install the FaceTime back to my MBP but I still have the same problem. Is this a hardware or software problem? Please help...I just had this MBP for barely 2 months....
thanks in advance...

There's a whole section on Facetime. If you don't find your answer there, post a new thread in that section.