How can you get Adobe Photoshop Touch to open on an Android 4.1 Jellybean RCA Tablet

I am trying to help a friend of mine.  Silverday posted " I successfully purchased, downloaded Photoshop touch on my android jellybean 4.1 RCA tablet, but it freezes every time at the start up screen! How do I fix this so I can actually use Photoshop? I have tried un/installing, force stop, turning on and off my tablet....nothing seems to be working! My android fits the requirements, so why isn't this working?!"  Has anybody run across this situation.  I am very computer literate but am not familiar with the Photoshop Touch app.   Thanks...

How much storage do you have left on that 64GB SSD? 4GB ram is fairly comfortable (if you're doing absolutely nothing else) while using Flash. The paired down tablet specs are most certainly crimping the performance.
You have to know apps like Photoshop may let you brush but the application is primarily a bitmap engine which operates at memory speed and certainly has no overhead from being a multimedia, scriptable IDE. As you pile up dozens of layers, especially with vectors and filters, Photoshop will also start to lag just the same.
You have to keep in mind, you really have a tablet. The i5 1.6GHz is not a normal i5, it's a mobile i5 product. I have an i5 quad also (2500k), but the desktop model (Sandy/Ivy) runs at 3.7GHz in turbo, and that's an old model (Sandy). Also the desktop i5 has Intel HD4000 graphics which is extremely slow (outside simple video playback) and your i5 is even slower, only Intel HD3000 graphics. Clearly there's a big difference and you should expect tablet performance. 
Just about the only thing you can do to increase performance, especially in a vector heavy app, is reduce any other things going on. Slim out your OS as best you can, removing any unnecessary apps or services running. Update all your drivers and if you're not using WHQL drivers for the HD3000 on your display driver you should revert back to Win7 for fully supported drivers (which is the version of Windows I think the Slate originally came with). Unless something is corrupt or no WHQL driver support exists for HD3000, I don't see what else it can be besides perhaps no WHQL support for your input driver either. 
I'm on a 5 year old Dell touchscreen laptop at a higher resolution (1600x900) running an old i7 @ 1.6GHz quad (similar to yours) with 4GB DDR2 (slower) and Flash runs perfectly fine. Although I'm not running Intel HD graphics. I'm running it on a discreet ATI Mobility Radeon HD.