How to create a user in J2ee UME, if LDAP configured?

Hi SAP Gurus,
I have a question for my J2EE engine. We configured LDAP for user storage, so that our User can use there normal LDAP user ID. Now I want to create an administrative user like J2EE_ADMIN or Administrator, these are standard users and present in the UME of the J2EE engine since the installation of my portal.
But when I go to the user admin and want to create this new admin user, I got an error message, that Im not able to create it.
I also try to create the user via the Visual Admin and the J2EE Useradmin.
So my question is, how can create this new user in the UME and NOT in the LDAP???

Hi Marcel Haberland ,
If your idea is to have single Sign on , I would say the process is to create the user in LDAP itself that will be the single point of entry ,  Since the UME is configured and connected to LDAP normally with read permission your best bet will be to create the user in LDAP.
SSO with  is configured to all your backend syst ( trusts needs to be configured between Java/Portal to all your backend systems  by Basis team), also the ids needs to exist in all the backends.
Now to come back to your question:
If you can login to UME of portal/Java , and create the user do not expect it to appear on your LDAP
mainly because LDAP will never be configured in a Enterprise project  as bidirectional ( ie Read/Write ), it will be readonly.
Also if the Basis/Portal team allow you the option to create the user in UME , they will have to restart the machine everytime you need to point to a  different data source , but I dont know if this is the case in EHP4 versions, because SAP claims with EHP4 downtimes are almost nullified.
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