HP 1100A Laser Jet printer and Vista

Has anyone had success using a HP1100A laser jet with the Vista operating system? I had it working for a short period, but then it just stoped printing. I used an adaptor cable to match the printer to a USB port. I then installed a parallel port card to the computer. Still no luck printing. I can hook the 1100A to a computer with XP and it works fine. Vista does not recogonize the 1100A. I had a neighbor who is a computer programer look at it and he says the computer is not communicating with the printer. He tried using several different drivers from the HP website, plus tried using the disk that came with the printer, all without success.
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Here's the page I was looking for:
I configured my 1100 as a 1000.  If you follow the directions this should take care of it.  I'm not sure if I lost any of the functionality, but I do know I'm now using my Business Inkjet 1100 as intended with Vista even though HP says this model isn't supported in Vista 64bit.  I'm a much happier camper now.  I'm not sure if this was the printer you were talking about or not.  Good luck.