HT201412 I cannot open the month of March 2013 in my iPad3 calendar. I can however see it in the year view for 2013 and I can view the daily and weekly calendars for March 2013. Any ideas what has gone wrong ? Thanks

I have a new iPad3 and have found I cannot open the month of March 2013 when I tap on it. All other months open OK ! I can see March 2013 in the yearly view and I can open the individual days, and weeks, of March 2013 but I cannot see the whole month in the monthly view. When I try to open the monthly view for March 2013 it returns me to the start screen which shows all the apps etc and closes the Calendar app. Any guidance of what is going wrong and how it can be corrected. Thanks !

Don't worry we have to start somewhere. Feel free to post your questions here, we learn from each other.