I recentley bought a ipod touch set all language to English, billing to English etc. The problem i have is when i open itunes or Apps store on my ipod it is in German, I'm English so don't understand German.. Can anyone help to change language i

I recentley bought a ipod touch 5.01,set all language to English.....every thing i view is in English except when i view (open) itunes or apps store it is in German, I live in England, I was born in England, and i speak only English. I want my itunes and apps store to open and display in English. I have messaged the apple help and telephoned the help, both was helpful but no matter what i do in setting (even in reset, which i've done) my ipod will keep reverting back to German in Itunes and Apps store. All other data in my ipod is in English........just the itunes and apps store grrrrrrrrrrrr.
Please help :-)

You can only use the German iTunes/App store if you are located in Germany.  The German store is in the German language.