IPAD youtube videos will not play on "base" wifi but play on "4G" wifi

This problem affects my IPAD2 IPAD3, iphone 4s, iphone 4 with same presentation. All my devices on iOS 7.0.3 .. problem started a month ago about time first upgraded to iOS7  . my ISP at home upstream of my AP is ATT uverse .. ATT is also my provider of 4G wifi via my iphone ..  on my home network I use a higher end watchguard router / firewall appliance and for wifi the watchguard AP200s
While connected to my home base wifi, I attempt to play youtube video (several different ways described below) the youtube opens and clearly finds the video but screen says “Playback error Tap to retry”
Next if I turn on the hotspot from my iphone and connect all ipads etc via 4G WIFI then exact same steps result in the video loading and playing NORMALLY … ?? dns issue 
Summary of troubleshooting steps so far;
-my Microsoft surface tablet connected to base wifi .. if I run same exact link / video it runs perfectly .. so clearly the base  wifi is ok with surface tablet and youtube videos ..
-all wired PCs etc at on network can run youtube videos with no issues ..
-ipad - deleted youtube app and reinstalled … same problem
-ipad - reset all settings  .. same problem
-ipad - deleted all cookies and data on safari .. same problem
-ipad – turned cookies to accept all cookies … same problem
-ipad – deleted youtube app and forced to run from safari browser .. same problem
-ipad – manually added as alternative dns to the base wifi .. same problem
-iphones have same behavior but the workaround is very easy here just turn off wifi .. forces down the 4G .. that works fine but for testing purposes I connect to base and all issues mentioned above on ipads are replicated
-rebooted / power cycled ATT RG, WG router, WG AP200s … no change (did this near beginning of troubleshooting)
Any ideas?

Ok I will answer my own issue .. sort of
Partially solved the problem. Seems there is a generalized problem with firewalls and the youtube / apple.
Adding an exception to the firewall for AV scanning allowed the youtube app to start working but accessing the youtube via safari still does not work. Also after adding the exception I had to delete and reinstall the youtube app. 
Again before adding this exception .. if I connected to to wifi via my ATT cellular hotspot .. both the app and the safari youtube videos played correctly.
Here are other links that discuss
http://www.amixa.com/blog/2012/12/22/how-to-allow-the-youtube-app-to-play-throug h-a-watchguard-firewall-proxy/
http://community.spiceworks.com/topic/113832-how-to-set-up-a-watchguard-firebox- firewall-to-allow-youtube-videos