Issue in year end closing

I have an issue in year end closing. What would be effect if i do not clear the open items in GR/IR Account as part of year end acitivity. The balance in my GR/IR Account is zero as of my balance sheet date.
What would happen if i run the balance carry forward program?
Sanil Bhandari

This program will reclassify the entries for the Balance sheet reporting. Since your balance is zero there should not be any impact on the reporting side. Whether you run this program or not it will not have any impact on the balance carry forward program. Since these entries will get reversed at the beginning of the next period in any case.
The config setting will be in OBYP
The following config document may help you in better understanding.
Define Adjustment Accounts for GR/IR Clearing
The goods receipt/invoice receipt (GR/IR) clearing account is posted to whenever you receive goods that have not been invoiced yet or whenever you receive invoices for goods that have not been delivered yet.
In this activity you define the numbers of the adjustment and target accounts for the automatic postings for the GR/IR clearing account.
Transfer postings have to be made at the balance sheet date to reflect the goods invoiced but not delivered and the goods delivered but not invoiced. The program that analyzes the GR/IR clearing account adjustments this account by posting any outstanding amounts to an adjustment account. It makes the offsetting entry to the account for goods delivered but not invoiced or to the account for goods invoiced but not delivered (target account).
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