OWB Error while deploying the mapping  Io exception: The Network Adapter co

We are using OWB 10.2 in our production environment.Actually we are using OWB only for development.
After deploying each mapping we will create scheduler job for execution of these mappings.
Recently our staging DBs port has been changed to 1522 from 1521 and i have gone throgh the below steps.
1) Changed the port in tnsnames.ora file.
2) In Start Control Centre Servioce ,i have changed the port to 1522 for owbownr user and started the service successfully.
3) i have run the script UpdateLocation.sql from the OWBOWNR schema and updated the port number.
4) I tried to run the UpdateControlCenter.sql in owbownr schema and staging schema also,but i am getting an error like below.
SQL> @UpdateControlCenter.sql
This sql script sets the host:port:service parameters for a control center
in the OWB Client Repository.
The connection type must be host:port:service and cannot be changed
using this script.
Enter Control Center Name: DEFAULT_CONTROL_CENTER
Port: 1522
Service Name: DWHOWNR
Update location properties for DEFAULT_CONTROL_CENTER
Location Type =
Connection Type SQL*NET Connection cannot be updated
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
5) When i am running the service_doctor.sql on owbownr schema i am getting incorrect port number like below
SQL> @service_doctor.sql
There are errors in one or more PL/SQL packages and functions
Platform properties have been loaded correctly
Platform location has been seeded correctly
NLS messages have been loaded correctly
The platform service is available
There is a problem accessing the service startup script from the database
Here is the detailed error message which contains the name of the start
script file:-
Service startup file 'null/owb/bin/unix/run_service.sh' is not
accessible from the database server on instance number 1
Please verify that the disk containing the file is visible to the
database server
Please verify that the database server account has access rights on the
There is a problem with the repository connection information used to
start the service
Here is the detailed error message which contains the connection
information passed to the service:-
Cannot connect: user=DWHOWNR host= port=1521
Please verify that this information is accurate
If this information is correct, then please use the
'set_repository_password.sql' script to reset the stored password
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
6) After login to OWB ,i have checked the Location,OWB Repository Location And Control center In OWB connection Explorer,
and all the connections are successful.
After this i took Control Centre from Tools and i tried to deploy one mapping.
And i got some error like below.
Description : Runtime User : ICGSTG Started : 2011-10-24 19:32:19.0
Io exception: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection
Io exception: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection
RPE-01008: Recovery of this request is in progress.
Job Summary
Updated : 2011-10-24 19:32:19.0 Job Final Status : Completed with errors Job Processed Count : 0 Job Error Count : 0 Job Warning Count : 0
I think the issue is due to the wrong port number .
Can any one help me to solve this issue??
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Hi Allan,
Thanks for your quick reply.
I have checked in OWB\Locations\Database\Oracle\Location\DB Connectors and also in Control Center\Location\Connectors,seems like there is no connectors created.
Do you have any other suggestions?
Also i analyzed the UpdateControlCenter.sql in that
select value into v_connectiontype from cmpstringpropertyvalue_v where logicalname = 'CMPLocation_ConnectionType' and propertyowner = v_elementid;
the qry returns 'SQL*NET'.
Any workaround for these???
Please reply.