Posting Ovi Store Reviews = Nokia Account TERMINAT...

Here's the short version of my story, which is directly summarized in the subject above (and yes, my account is being terminated against my will).
1.  create nokia account, use it to sign in to Ovi Store
2.  post reviews for applications
3.  have at least 6 of your reviews flagged with the "report issue" link
4.  recieve notification that your account is terminated.
Q: "Why did you post so many reviews that were flagged using 'report issue'"? 
A:  My reviews were non-abusive.  One such 'removed' review simply stated that 'Compass Touch' was a nice application and 'did what it said on the tin'.  
Q:  "Why not alert Nokia that reviews were being removed unjustly early in the process and avoid this final terminal fate"?
A:  I tried.  review removal notifications are sent via email, from the address [email protected]  Replying to this address resulted in email delivery failure notices: the account is dead and undeliverable.
Q:  "So why not contact Nokia Customer Care directly"?
A:  I did.  After a multitude of emails I gave up: they are idiots.  I never got them to understand that my issue was with REVIEWS being removed rather than APPLICATIONS being removed.  The email chain has some of the most expressive and distressed language I have ever written.
Q:  "Wait, so the account is closed.  What does that mean"?
A:  It means that I cannot buy more apps from the Ovi Store.  In 3 months I spent $75 at the Ovi Store and now that revenue stream is cut off by Nokia themselves.  All applications I have purchased are now irreversibly detached from association with any Nokia Account and I cannot re-register for an account with my username OR my email address for 6 months.
Q:  "Big deal, 6 months, so what"?
A:  Well, it is a big deal. Now I will almost certainly not buy anything ever again directly from the Ovi Store (loss of revenues to Nokia).  If I do, I certainly won't post reviews of any apps (loss of quality control and PR for Nokia).  Also note that I am developing 3 applications for S60v5 at the moment - and I am seriously finding it difficult to see a future for these applications on the Ovi Store.
Q:  "Who cares if you don't post reviews anymore, your reviews were abusive"
A:  No, they weren't.  I can't stress that enough.  My reviews were far from abusive and most of the reviews that were flagged were short, accurate and POSITIVE reviews.  Moreover, as a user I was PENALIZED for posting MEANINGFUL REVIEWS.  We've all seen the gobs and gobs of **bleep** reviews on the Ovi Store, right?  The poor language, the obvious and crude Nokia bashing, the iPhone fanboy posts?  If legitimate users with meaningful things to say are penalized for posting proper reviews, all we will have left are those **bleep** reviews that never belonged there in the first place.
Q:  "Wait, what apps are you developing anyway"?
A:  They aren't ready for public consumption, but will be released under the GPL when I am done.  'Bibliotouch' will be a free ebook reader with automatic bookmarking and social reviews that ties into the Gutenburg Project for free Public Domain books.  'NighPhone WebApps' will be an 'appstore' of sorts, providing an interface to search, test, and install widgets to launch iPhone WebApps on your Nokia device - complete with social reviews and 2 levels of installations (local bookmarks and local widget generation/installation).  Finally 'NagNagNag' will be a Location Based Service that watches where you spend your time and allows for location based time budgeting, allowing you to setup alarms such as [nag me if i work more than 50 hours a week] or [nag me if i don't visit family at least once a season].
Q:  "Hey those are good ideas for apps, can I steal the ideas and make them myself"?
A:  Sure.  Go for it.  I'm still gonna write them myself too, and release them as open source projects, so do whatever you want to.  Just be forewarned that Ovi Store might be a horrible horrible horrible place to distribute them.
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(N95 was pretty good, N97 had potential but utterly failed to deliver, N900 is absurdly good. Those of you wondering, "should I try N900/Maemo/MeeGo"? The answer is a resounding YES)

ravidavi wrote:
While I do feel bad for the author, after reading the initial post one big question stuck out in my mind: "Why on earth are you paying money to the Ovi Store?"
The store has been around for months, and there have been literally HUNDREDS of posts across the internet about people losing money.  In addition, the customer service is abysmal and lawsuit-worthy,
Again, while I do feel that you were booted out unfairly, bitflung you should look at this as an opportunity.  At least you got out after only being $75 in the hole.
The Ovi store is like a Casino.  The house always wins, and the customer should go in expecting to lose everything they went in with.
fair enough.  of course, if the store would ever be anything other than a money trap it would require early adopters.  that's me.  i still drive the first hybrid available in the USA (predates the prius, btw - Honda Insight).  still own an original N95-1 (though i will sell it once my N97 gets voip support). etc etc etc.
I guess what i'm saying is, though lots of people have had issues i was still game for using the ovi store.  if i had an issue with purchasing a single app and ended up loosing $1.99, i'd be aggravated.  instead, i'm blown away: my whole account has been terminated.  that's a whole different breed of broken.  as an early adopter, this is the first time i feel truly stung by the flaws of a service provider.  even my N95-1, with all of its problems, remains as functional today as it was last year.  ovi store?  not so much.  it's like having my N95-1 suddenly disappear, or better yet like the N95-1 suddenly started rejecting my SIM card saying, "all those calls to your family look like prank calls to me, so i've terminated your mobile contract with AT&T".
anyway - surly i won't be spending any money at the ovi store again for quite some time (seems i can't even create a new account now because my mobile # is attached to the terminated account still).
N95-1 ---> N97-NAM ---> N900 ---> E7-00 + N900 (I use them both)
(N95 was pretty good, N97 had potential but utterly failed to deliver, N900 is absurdly good. Those of you wondering, "should I try N900/Maemo/MeeGo"? The answer is a resounding YES)