Powerbook G4 out of Warranty - Cost to fix?

I have a 1Ghz G4 powerbook with the horizontal fritz issue. It is out of warranty. I read the other "long" post on the fritz issue, but could not determine if Apple still offers the fixed price repair of this issue? I saw that it was $350, but could not tell if that is still offerred. Can anyone confirm or deny the availability of this service?

There are 387 posts in the thread you refer to, not 5000. Since that thread was finally locked last fall, there have been no new posts here about the multiple different symptoms and underlying problems that all got mixed up in it, or about how Apple dealt with any of them. You can wait for people who contributed to that thread to tell you what the outcome was for them. But like it or not, only Apple is going to decide what it's willing to do about your problem.