Strange issue in opening Web Analysis document in workspace.

Dear All,
We are working on Hyperion system 9.3.1 and reports are developed using Web Analysis.
We have completed report development and going to distribute to users.But we are getting very strange error message.
We followed the following sequences-
1) Developed the reports with admin rights on Web Analysis reports and Essbase cube.
2) Create a user(say trainee) in Shared servicesand assigned the following roles Analyzer, Dynamic view, content publisher,explore rights and at essbase level- give the database access to user.
3) create a separate folder in Web Analysis studio and copy the WA reports there(say- reports).
4) At workspace level, We gave the access on folder and on report.
5) Now when we logged as user trainee, we are able to see the reports but reports are not opened and get the following messages-
[1033] Native:502 Invalid Object path specified,
Does we miss any point?
Kindly help us on this as this is going to very critical to us.
- Mohit Jain

Not sure if this applies but there is a bug (fixed by patch 41) in v931 in which user session cookie info is not deleted - this could be causing the error if you are using the same browser - you will need to exit completely and clear cookies and cache. Then login as a new user.