T500 Problem with BIOS - Win7

I have a T500 2081CTO. I took a stab this weekend putting Windows 7 on it, but I haven't gotten very far. Aside from the fact that I am only finding BETA versions of drivers for it, my biggest problem is that the latest BIOS which purportedly adds Windows 7 support does not seem to work properly - it causes my system to take 20+ minutes to post!
I was successfully able to flash the BIOS with the latest version (3.09 released on Oct 9th, 2009), but it makes my laptop unusable. When I restart/power on the laptop, the screen will just sit there dark for 20-30 minutes and then all of a sudden it will come alive, post and finally load windows.
Anyone else have this same experience? Those who have updated to Windows 7 could you respond with any tips and tricks? The 2 things I'm most concerned about are power management and the switchable graphics. Without proper drivers to keep those under control, the laptop will run hot and burn through battery in minutes.
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I experienced the same thing lately, after BIOS update the computer just sat for 10+ minutes the booting. I have now come the conclusion tha it has to do with version of your ECP (Embedded Controller Program).
In my case, I read the old log file from the first BIOS update found in directory where the update were installed.
It said that I had "7VHT12WW" and updated to "7VHT14WW". It was then my troubles began.
I downloaded the latest BIOS version for my ECP version and then "downgraded" the BIOS. After this my troubles were gone.
Good luck!