When I try to open the "markets" page on the Firefox hompage, it displays for 3 or 4 seconds and then drops off; I get a white screen; this does not happen with Explorer.

When I open "markets" from the homepage, it comes up but drops off after a few seconds and
I get a white page. This does not happen with Explorer. A similar but much more extensive
problem happened a month or so ago (I couldn't open attachments). I called Microsoft and the
fellow messed about with my computer for an hour or so, but ended up saying he couldn't help
me. However, when he went away, the problems went away.
== This happened ==
Every time Firefox opened
== two weeks ago?

~~red:<u>'''''displays for 3 or 4 seconds and then drops off'''''</u>~~
If you have RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin <u>'''extension'''</u>, disable/remove the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension in the RealPlayer Preferences (RP: Tools > Preferences > Download & Recording) . Restart Firefox and test.
<u>See Noah_SUMO's illustrated answer in this thread if the above is not clear:</u> https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/forum/1/557689?
The RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin <u>'''extension'''</u> adds some extra features like saving media files.
Be sure not to get confused with the RealPlayer <u>'''plugin'''</u> (Tools > Add-ons > Plugins) that plays media files.
See [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]] and [[Troubleshooting plugins]].
~~red:<u>'''''Other Issues'''''~~: to correct security/stability issues</u>
<u>'''Update Java'''</u>: your ver.; current ver. (<u>important security update 04-15-2010</u>)
''(Windows users: Do the manual update; very easy.)''
See: '''[http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Using+the+Java+plugin+with+Firefox#Updates Updating Java]'''
Do the update with Firefox closed.
<u>'''Update Shockwave for Director'''</u>: your version 11.0; current version 11.5
NOTE: this is not the same as Shockwave Flash; this installs the Shockwave Player.
SAVE the installer to your hard drive (Desktop is a good place so you can find it). When the download is complete, exit Firefox (File > Exit), locate and double-click in the installer you just downloaded, let the install complete.
IMPORTANT: I have found it wise to always restart your system after doing anything with Adobe products.
See: '''[http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Using+the+Shockwave+plugin+with+Firefox#_Installing_Shockwave Installing Shockwave]'''