Where are the HP 2600n Drivers

I have a new HP Color Laser 2600n printer. It is attached to a Airport Adapter.
I added Bonjour to my Windows XP computer and it can see the printer and print to the printer. When I installed it via Bonjour, the install process asked for the driver CD, which I inserted and it installed all the drivers. Windows prints well to this printer.
On my mini running Mac OS 10.4, when I go to the add printers, it finds the printer just fine. However in the third pulldown box (which I assume is equivalent to drivers) there is no HP 2600n listed. There is a 2500 and 2550. I've tried both and neither one of them will work.
How am guessing I need to load the drivers? I did insert the CD that came with the printer and it installed some stuff, but when I select Add printers, it DOES find the printer but I don't have the correct pulldown box available.
Any suggestions? One would think that if a Windows PC could run Bonjour and print to it, my mini could do the same.

Is there somewhere I have to load/copy drivers?
No, sorry - the symptoms you see mean OS X doesn't recognize the 2600. You can't load anything of any use other than by the installer.
Let's back up. Why, for example, are you tryng to use a network printer as a USB printer? Windows and OS X use Bonjour differently in this regard - Windows connects using standard TCP/IP (the Express/Extreme can use TCP/IP port 9100). OS X connects to an Express/Extreme printer using USB port redirection over TCP/IP - an Apple-unique protocol (Discovery is via Bonjour, but that's the end of the similarity).
Can you connect the 2600 by ethernet? I believe that would solve the problem.